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The Best Sandwich in the Entire World: The Cuban Reuben

You Can Stop Searching The Best Sandwich in the World is Here

The Sugarfire Chef Team Takes Home First in Sandwich at the World Food Championships

People spend their entire lives traveling the globe in search of the best. They look in local diners, urban bodegas, and even find themselves throwing on their barbecue sauce-stained formalwear at five-star joints. But still, something has been missing; a dash of this, a sprig of that. No one could quite put their finger on it. That is, until now. The best sandwich in the world is here.

If you’ve been one of these sandwich-searchers, don’t feel bad. The best sandwich in the world didn’t even exist until recently. In fact, it was just released to the world by our very own Partner and Chef, Dave Molina of Downtown St. Louis. The Cuban Reuben (pictured up there), a culinary brain baby of some late night thinking, was created by Chef Molina and introduced to me, you, and everyone else at the 2018 World Food Championships.


Don’t Take it From Us,

The WFC brings more than 500 chef teams from 12 countries and 40 American states to compete in 10 categories. Our best-d*mn-sandwich-in-the-world chef team consists of Chef Molina with Chef Fabian Nava, two of the fine professionals that make the “Chef-Driven ‘Cue” at Sugarfire more than just a tagline.


Keep this between us, but the best sandwich in the world is actually 4 sandwiches in one. Cubano. Reuben. Grilled Cheese. Grilled Cheese.


Under fierce competition from 35 other finalists, The Cuban Reuben was blind-judged by world-renowned celebrity chefs. It is being speculated by us right now that some judges were seen faint and calling their loved ones after taking the first bite of our newly-crowned best sandwich in the world.


Award-Winning & Chef-Driven

Maybe you’ve had a Reuben sandwich before; pastrami, rye, all the good stuff. And maybe you’ve had a Cubano sandwich, but it’d be pretty surprising if you’ve ever had anything like this crazy combination of the two—served between two Provolone and American grilled cheese sandwiches. Unless, of course, you’ve been to your favorite Sugarfire within the past few weeks and are lucky enough to have caught it before it sold out.

If you haven’t had the chance to try the sandwich yet, you can keep dreaming, or you can keep an eye on your local Sugarfire location’s Facebook and Instagram. There are no plans to make the best sandwich in the world a permanent menu item at this point, but you’ll see it as a rotating daily special from time to time.